Our Partners

Thank you to our Axis Mundi partners: 

PlatteForum, The Temple, The Denver Film Society, and Hi-Tec Plastics. 

Axis Mundi is a proud to be a participant in the 2017 Biennial of the Americas.  

The Axis Mundi exhibition is made possible in part through a generous grant from the Bonfils Stanton Foundation. 


This show would not be possible without the help of the following people: Derek Hopp, John Miller, Tully Hard, Luis Hard, Kyle Heir, Samuel Krentzman, Alexandra Stefanec, Justas Marcink, Spencer Eudaly, Nico Kos Earl, Sebastiano Varoli, Adam Gordon, Zach Armijo, The ArtLab Youth of PlatteForum, The PlatteForum Staff, and all of the contributing sponsors of the Minutiae Project (Omega).